The FDA has approved the expiration date extension for the AccessBio COVID testing kits by 3 additional months. As there was such a rush by manufacturers to get tests made to help stop COVID from spreading standard shelf testing was expedited. Manufacturers have completed additional shelf testing and were able to extend the expiration dates from 6 to 9 months. Therefore, the tests that are set to expire 6/22 are valid through at least 9/22. Additionally, the manufacturers are working on extending shelf testing from 12 to 24 months, which is standard for OTC and other types of testing kits, but it will take additional time as the pandemic is still relatively new and a lot of testing is required to make that happen with the FDA. Read the letters extending the expiration dates for AccessBio testing kits from the FDA at and­60afb5920d611dc2eeaef451/61eae37b47baa2c­a4cf4d71e_CareStart%20COVID-19%20Ag%20Ho­me%20Test%20and%20OnGo%20Self-Test_Exp%2­0Date%20Extension%20Notification_01.pdf

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