PROVEN offers state-of-the-art technology. With an infrastructure designed around the experience of our leadership, including experts who designed and built systems for the PROVEN United States Department of Defense. In addition, our partnership with CERTIFY Health, the leading provider of patient engagement and authentication globally, allows us to come to the table with a lot of highly trained professionals who specialize in encryption and secured data.

Our technology team is packed with cryptographers, artificial intelligent experts, hardware designers and solutions engineers who have previously maintained the entire Department of Defense IT infrastructure. In fact, eight of our expert team members carry the highest-level DOD security clearances.

Our team also has a successful background in worldwide deployments. They skillfully handle IT security through their experience with the United States government. (Of course, for the rest of us at PROVEN, their intense tactical training makes company-sponsored paintball activities more like Seal training than a week-day off-site team-building game!) As technology improves so will our tech stack. PROVEN is constantly upgrading equipment, training and security measures. Our commitment is to excellence.

PROVEN Leadership

Peter Gallic

Chief Executive

Peter serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for NAHA health. Prior to that he was President of Sociallity Group where he incubated several health care ventures focused on virtual medical solutions. He started his career in finance working in the CMBS segment with a focus on hospitality lending, leading him to a three-year stint with the Chinese Tourism Authority where he helped build vacation programs and promote travel. Peter also worked at Absolute Life Solutions where he built a tool to analyze mortality risk, the tool was used to reprice risk on hundreds of millions of longevity assets. He is a behavioral economist and alumni of Ateneo De Manila where he received an Economics degree.

JP Robinson

Chief Marketing Officer

As a creative entrepreneur with the unique ability to translate concepts into compelling brands, I recognize that great ideas transcend the traditional restrictions of markets and industries. I pursue inventive ways to ensure ideas resonate with consumers. My success can be attributed to my ability to bring storytelling and products together, build brands that reflect the understanding of customers’ world views, and create connections to the values of the market.

I have devoted my career to finding beauty in everyday life and associating that beauty with brands in the minds of target customers. I seek visual, imaginative, and experiential beauty and translate those into tangible customer experiences. I am presently working with Visit Mexico to build awareness and drive interest in tourism to the country from customers in the United States. Part of my work entails revitalizing the creative assets in use, ensuring that all messaging is market-focused and on point, and leveraging customer-centric content to drive engagement. By using interactive, personalized content, I have increased awareness and encouraged customer interaction with the brand. Ultimately, I’m helping the organization create a story or mythology about a hypothetical experience and drawing parallels between the brand and customers’ values.

Rachel Scharfman

Chief Operating Officer

Accomplished leader with expertise building and executing effective global strategies that increase revenue, customer engagement, and competitive differentiation for global organizations, directing large teams and managing multimillion-dollar budgets. Most recently Mrs. Scharfman served as the Vice President of Marketing at NAHA Health working on healthcare programs for state governments, COVID-19, telehealth, and behavioral health programs. Before NAHA she served as the Vice President of Marketing & Sales at BioDerm, where she led the strategy and execution for all facets of sales and marketing, as well as managing their Durable Medical Equipment business, and the company’s 5-year partnership with Medline, expanding distribution from 30 to 1100 representatives. Prior to BioDerm, she was the acting Chief Marketing Officer for DenTek Oral Care, where she positioned the private equity owned company for acquisition at 12X EBITDA. She has a demonstrated record of success establishing strong relationships, growing business, and boosting revenue in a series of additional roles with Almar Sales, The Pokémon Company, and other global corporations. Mrs. Scharfman holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Florida, BS in Business Management, and a BA in Theater from Florida State University.

Dan Gallic

Chief Information Officer

With over 30 years expertise in programming, engineering, and, with an education in applied materials and electrical engineering, Mr. Gallic is able to lead fast paced product development SaaS teams to a successful launch with mass production in mind.

Mr. Gallic is credited with creating the first encrypted communications platform on cots devices to be used in open networks. He currently holds USDOD clearance and is considered to be an expert in managed security over computer platforms.

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