What is PROVEN ?

Proven is a Covid Testing and Record keeping platform that enables users to easily manage Covid Testing as required by work, travel or play.

PROVEN allows large and small corporations and governmental entities to manage COVID-19 status for employees, contractors, and customers in an easy-to-use and simple passport format.

Who has access to my Health Pass data?

All information is reviewed by licensed healthcare clinicians including nurses and doctors in an encrypted portal and follows all HIPAA compliant and regulatory protocols. A simple red or green QR code screen can be provided to the organization checking your status to keep users’ personal healthcare information private…. No one needs to know if you’ve been vaccinated or not! Just that you’re safe to enter.

How does it work if I don’t have a COVID-19 Vaccination?
If you are opposed to vaccinations or have a medical reason not to be vaccinated, you still should be able to move about freely. PROVEN has an alternative route to clearance for unvaccinated users that uses a symptom checker to verify your status with the clinical staff at NAHA Health. When you show a green light to enter, you’re good to go. No questions asked.
How is PROVEN different than a traditional health visa?
  • PROVEN provides health status for vaccinated and unvaccinated people who are traveling
  • PROVEN updates users with safe travel areas within their community and throughout the world
  • PROVEN is fast and easy, and everything you need is right in your phone at all times
  • PROVEN protects your private medical records and only provides necessary information when traveling
  • Not everyone, for whatever reason, is able to get a vaccine. How does PROVEN make travel possible for them? And will the rest of us be safe?
  • What makes PROVEN unique from health visas is that we review health information for all travelers regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. We can offer clearance through testing, antibodies and previous COVID results, allowing everyone the opportunity to be PROVEN. This is key to the success of the program.
If you’ve been vaccinated, are you 100% safe from the virus? If not, how can PROVEN make me feel safe to travel?
  • The vaccine, like the flu vaccine, is not able to guarantee you won’t get COVID. It builds up antibodies in your system so you can better fight off COVID, what PROVEN does, is keep you updated on your own health status, allowing you to decide for yourself when and where it is safe to travel.
How do I sign up? What information do I need?
    • You can learn more and sign up for PROVEN here.

Download the Proven App if you are an Android user, the app is available in the App store under ProvenHealth. It takes less than 2 minutes, and you will receive your PROVEN status quickly. Most applications for PROVEN are verified within 24 hours, but if a COVID test is needed it can take up to 7-10 days to verify your status. If you are an Apple user, bookmark the website and save it to your home screen. Apple has still not approved our App, but says it is imminent. 

What travel documents are required to enter another country from the USA?
  • Travel requirements to enter a country from the United States vary widely at this time. Some countries have no requirements while others will not allow you to travel into the country unless you are a citizen. Register your travel plans with Proven and we can help you determine what you will need. 
How can PROVEN help me in my own community … going to a football game, concerts, off to college?
  • PROVEN is about more than international travel. PROVEN can help you move about town on a daily basis, checking anytime on the health status of your local community. It narrows down neighborhoods, large venues and keeps you informed of trouble spots you may want to avoid.
Is PROVEN accepted by everyone around the world?

Proven complies with governmental rules the world over. But that doesn’t mean Proven will always work in a foreign country. If you want Proven to help ensure your travel plans are hassle free you MUST register your travel plans with us prior to travel. Our experts can analyze your plans and provide you with the proper solutions for your travel.

When COVID is over, what is our new normal when it comes to traveling –in other words, will PROVEN work for every virus/biological threat — and how can PROVEN help us avoid the mass shutdowns we faced in 2020?
  • PROVEN will help the world get through the coming variants of COVID-19 until we reach global herd immunity and will help navigate future viruses and biological threats we may face
  • Because of PROVEN’s unique virus tracking, unsafe areas can easily be spotted throughout the world the more users we have in the system. That means users can avoid unsafe areas which will greatly help contain the virus until it is stopped, allowing for the global economy to remain open in safe areas.
  • For future viruses that don’t have a vaccine yet, PROVEN will also help spot and track the location of the virus, helping travelers avoid unsafe areas and helping to contain the virus more quickly until a vaccine is created.
How do I get a COVID-19 Test so I can Travel?

Register with ProvenPass and let us know your travel plans. You can safely order tests through us on our online order pages or when logged in. If you register your travel plans we can ensure you get the right tests for your travel. 

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