About Us

PROVEN provides cutting edge, accessible and cost-effective technology that allows employers, governments, restaurants, schools, tourism boards, sporting events and more to allow safe, full capacity of their facilities during emergency circumstances like COVID-19 and whatever may come next on a local, national or even international basis.

PROVEN provides a straightforward color-coded status to quickly understand if someone’s health has been COVID verified or not. PROVEN Enterprise Solutions are designed to help businesses wade through the confusion and chaos of COVID Compliance. All employers face potentially hostile workplace environments when trying to implement COVID-19 OSHA Compliance policies. PROVEN has designed a solution that promotes safety and security, and provides options to customize the solution for your organization or company to meet your needs.

Company History

The idea for PROVEN started in March of 2020. It was a service designed by Flexefits, a benefit company that was started in 2014 in NJ. At the time we were arranging for testing using PCR tests, mostly for small business groups, in NJ. In March of 2020, we thought, as did many, that COVID-19 was going to go away in the summer months and life would return. We started building platforms to track COVID-19 Testing for businesses as a return-to-work strategy, COVID-19 did not go away, the market went into a chaotic state, and we shelved the whole solution.

In June of 2021, we launched the website with our legacy solution as a web app. In July of 2021, we went to a meeting with CERTIFY Health. They had built a vaccine platform and needed a testing solution, we had a testing solution and needed a better vaccine platform. We agreed to a joint venture and called the new solution PROVEN. PROVEN combines CERTIFY Health’s ID verification and mobile technology with our medical solutions. We can provide the COVID-19 testing, with clinicians to validate tests, while CERTIFY’s technology provides the ability to authenticate IDs, store information, and use various access controls.

We have a strong roster of clients across both the AccessDX and the CERTIFY Health partnerships. Additionally, PROVEN was asked to work with Visit Mexico in June of 2021 to develop solutions for COVID-19 to ensure tourism growth and safe travel. We designed a travel kit that includes two Rapid COVID-19 Tests, a PROVEN Pass App to hold vaccine and testing information, clinicians to validate the tests for travel, and some extras to help make travel safer.

In September of 2021, we decided that the PROVEN should be a full standalone operation so we incorporated the company as PROVEN Pass Inc. in Delaware. The PROVEN Digital Identity Ecosystem that we built together with the PROVEN app, and Hardware form a modular solution to give users and organizations seamless access to the world around them. They can be customized to provide security and ease of verification to upgrade your current approach. Today PROVEN provides the most comprehensive fully integrated COVID-19 health solution, including vaccine credential authentication, dedicated testing inventory with delivery support, real-time compliance reporting, and outbreak alerts.

Our Partners

The PROVEN Pass technology was created in partnership with CERTIFY Health, a global provider of patient engagement and authentication, serving millions of patients, in a HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant environment. PROVEN’s lab Partner is CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, fully compliant integrated lab with HIPAA, FDA, and CPIC standards. Our clinician team at NAHA Health reviews users’ vaccination and health status for anyone that needs a medical clearance, including a recent COVID-19 test, antibodies, or exemption.

NAHA Health quickly utilizes healthcare professionals to reviews users’ vaccination and health status for PROVEN customers. PROVEN gives peace of mind to individuals and helps take the burden and liability off of employers, schools, governments, events, and professional organizations who need to ensure the safety of their clients, customers, and employees.


CERTIFY is the leading provider of patient
engagement and authentication globally, serving
millions of patients, in a HITRUST certified, ISO, and
HIPAA compliant environment. CERTIFY’s
compliance assurance platform and tech solutions
are used in over 2,000 locations nationwide across
21 industries. The best part? CERTIFY can be
seamlessly integrated with your existing EHR,
Security, or internal HR system to streamline
reporting and overall user experience.


The NAHA Health Care Management Model has
always included a holistic approach to wellness,
prevention, education, patient-centric assessments,
and customized Care Plans that focus on the needs
of the individual under the direction of a licensed
healthcare provider. NAHA Health incorporates
best-practice standards and social determinants in
our assessment, education, and management of
individuals with widely variant health needs.


Check My Test has delivered millions of COVID-19
test kits over the last 18 months and has seamless
supply-chain-logistics capabilities that provide
COVID collection test kits to hundreds of labs and
healthcare facilities across the Nation and abroad.
CMT has multiple laboratory reference agreements
in place in USA and Mexico to ensure a fast and safe
COVID testing experience for its clients. CMT’s
exclusive partnership with Access-DX laboratory and
Phusion-GPO encompasses state-of-the-art
compliance for test result tracking as well as more
than 30 years of experience in the laboratory sectors
with focus on molecular and next-generation testing

Partnering with organizations across the globe to safely reopen

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