Fast and Easy COVID-19 Health Verification Tool
and on-site Testing for Churches, Synagogues and Community Groups

Getting Everyone Back Out There, Easily and Safely
PROVEN is the ultimate universal health verification tool designed to provide COVID status for everyone, whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. PROVEN is trusted to allow students and staff safely back to work without putting each other at risk through a simple, private QR code on their phones.
We offer quick, easy COVID testing for your entire staff with daily symptom checks that rapidly get everyone in-and-out the door. We do the leg work for you through custom policy and compliance procedures, as needed.

What Makes PROVEN Different?

PROVEN has the ability to check and verify EVERYONE,, quickly and safely, keeping everyone moving with little-to-no risk.
We provide twice weekly rapid at-home testing, found incredibly effective by researchers. The twice weekly rapid tests correctly identified 15 out of 15 cases of COVID and detected 96% of cases with three days of symptoms appearing.1 These faster, cheaper antigen tests can be used successfully for screening programs in schools, workplaces and other settings, according to researchers at Harvard and beyond.
We use only HIPAA-compliant medical professionals to verify COVID information. Employee records are kept safe and private, never sold or shared.
We offer on-site temperature checks, testing verification. PROVEN checks at the door through PassID device, if needed for high volume.
We offer BioGlove Hand Sanitizer and Skin Protectant. Providing 12-hours of protection that is effective and ideal for facilities. Available in spray and dispenser stations.

Unlike Our Competitors, PROVEN Offers 3 Options For Validation

Proof of

Proof of
Negative Status


It’s Easy to Register for Everyone at Your Facility

  • Everyone can register on our app with minimal information. Their medical records are kept private and only their COVID status is disclosed at QR checkpoint so employers immediately know if someone is safe to enter
  • PROVEN offers a simple at-home, quick test that can be easily mailed for vaccination verification
  • We verify Corporate Policy
  • PROVEN is Vaccination, Verification & Booster compliant
  • We offer Daily Symptom-Check flow

Additional Services Offered by PROVEN

  • Thermal Scanning
  • Rapid at-home COVID testing
  • PCR verification for any positive cases
  • Remote on-site lab available for large campuses
  • Customized non-attributable or attributable QR codes
  • PROVEN imports existing vaccine records or uploads new ones manually/automatically through Electronic Health Reports (EHR) and provides a much more secure alternative to paper vaccination cards.
  • SnapXT an advanced thermal imaging device that can ingest the QR codes featuring facial authentication and customizable COVID questionnaires is available for $350/mo if needed for speed and ease.
  • Access to valuable add-ons: data analytics, biometric authentication, thermal scanning, vaccination appointment scheduling and management, and more through PassID.

Easy-to-use System Options for your Facility

Convenient stand-alone system with scanning devices can be installed with training

Full system integration with HR and/or Security Systems offered with installation and training

Larger employers appreciate our full system-integration which keeps things moving without complication.

PROVEN offers the most thorough, convenient COVID-status check-in available for employers, large and small. We adapt to your needs and customize our program to fit your company.

Quick response, fast installation, easy-to-use, trustworthy, PROVEN keeps businesses running smoothly no matter what direction COVID goes.

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