Simplified, Inclusive and Accurate
Workforce Compliance

PROVEN Provides an OSHA Safe COVID Solution with Integrated Testing that is Trusted by Thousands of Enterprise Customers


Your Company Subscribes to PROVENTM

Your Team Members Register on the Platform for Test Kits


Tests Sent Directly to your Team
Member’s Preferred Location –
Office or Home

Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test Kits (FDA EUA Approved) are Sent Directly to a Team Member’s Home


PROVEN Captures Test Results

Team Member Captures Their Test Results in the PROVEN PASS Portal HIPAA Safe Portal


Seamless Compliance Reporting

The platform provides HCI Safe Reporting and
analytics available for Download

Simplifying COVID-19 Workforce Compliance with an Easy Global Solution that Takes Care of Everything

Managing COVID Workforce
Compliance Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In today’s complex business environment, navigating
legislative & compliance measures has never been
trickier. Our out-of-the-box PROVEN™ solution simplifies
compliance for your organization’s COVID-19 & access
control policies, including workflows for both vaccinated
& unvaccinated team members.

Streamline Vaccination & Testing

Ensuring your enterprise meets local & national COVID19 mandates is key to continuing business as usual.

The main two elements for compliance are vaccination verification & testing, depending on the vaccination status of your employees.

Status, Verification & Credentials

PROVEN™ enables employees to report their vaccination status and/or provide proof of vaccination based on your policies.

This solution offers three different levels of compliance for vaccinated team members:

1. Self-Reported Vaccination Status
2. Vaccination Card Upload
3. Third-Party Verification

COVID-19 Testing

PROVEN™ provides an all-in-one solution for testing; we send you the tests, allows end user to upload results to portal, and offers full reporting suite so you can track your employees’ results over time.


Take the headache out of COVID-19 compliance with the PROVEN™ solution.
• Store All of Your Team Member’s COVID-19 Records & Reporting in One Place
• Track Potential Exposures using PROVEN™ Insights
• Manage the End-to-End Testing Workflows through a Single Solution
• Leverage the Same Platform for both Vaccinated & Un-Vaccinated Team Members
• PROVEN Handles Shipping of COVID-19 Tests

PROVEN can keep your Company Safe with a Turnkey Solution for Weekly testing + Vaccination Tracking

Employers with staff of 100 people or more will be required by the OSHA federal mandate to test all unvaccinated workers on a weekly basis. This presents a huge logistical and HR challenge to employers.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Turnkey Site Operations

PROVEN provides end-to-end turnkey testing site operations, or we train your organization’s staff to utilize the PROVEN platform.

Accurate results
Saliva COVID-19 tests have a 99% accuracy rate for detecting COVID-19.
Flexible testing options
Organizational test options include individual reimbursable testing, prepaid test credits, and on-site bulk testing.
National coverage and scale
PROVEN partners with multiple states, counties, municipalities, educational institutions and numerous corporate partners to provide large-scale testing to their residents, members, students and employees.
Insurance billing available
PROVEN bills insurance for diagnostic PCR testing, if requested.
Supervised healthcare platform

Patients healthcare records are managed through Vault’s secure healthcare technology platform.

Organizational reporting

Secure organizational reporting available with individual consent.

Hipaa Safe

Patient data is secured and protected in accordance with HIPAA requirements.

• Implement weekly testing program for unvaccinated employees
• Track test results + Quarantine positive cases
• Follow up with employees who didn’t test to ensure compliance
• Option available to supervise all testing virtually for maximum customer support and identity confirmation
• Monitor employees current vaccination status, booster dates, and future vaccination status changes

Compliance doesn’t have to be hard.

• Digital collection of vaccination status from employees
• Quick and easy weekly COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees
• Personalized dashboard with real-time data about employees’ vaccination status and testing results

Contact us to learn more about your options

Let us reduce your burden and risk with a turnkey solution backed by medical professionals.



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