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For Those Left Wondering: Are They COVID-Safe? Let PROVEN Prove It

PROVEN offers official COVID-19 test status, easily attainable to every business, government and individual

COVID-19 created the need for an entirely new way to identify ourselves as individuals as we encounter others in the workplace, at sporting events, concerts, cruise ships and more:

COVID-19 and its variants are still spreading throughout the Globe. Even once it is contained, it won’t be the last pandemic. This presents an array of issues for corporations, industries and governments throughout the country and the world, many of which were forced to shut down for months, costing billions in lost earnings, costing employees their jobs, affecting the economy, lives, health and stress levels.

PROVEN offers a solution.
Proven offers a simple platform that can be used to manage Covid Testing and, if necessary, to validate vaccine status. Our testing is 100% proctored, not self reported, so you can be assured of the accuracy of the results. Plus we do our testing at the user location, whether its home or work or play, by using live virtual proctoring. 

How It Works

HIPAA Compliant Registration

PROVEN gathers the minimal data required to verify identity, including name, phone number and email. Each participant is assigned a unique, secured QR code based on that registration. All information is held securely in a HIPAA-controlled microdata structure.

Data Privacy

PROVEN was designed to protect data privacy and exceed data privacy regulations by adhering to the following privacy principles:

Data is stored and shared only with explicit, informed consent.
Only the minimum amount of personal data is required and used.
Personally identifiable health information is stored under HIPAA-compliant healthcare security protocols.
Data is only stored as needed, never used for any non-healthcare purpose, and will never be resold.

At Home Testing for


COVID-19 test kits can be mailed to participants’ homes. We are constantly developing widespread testing that will reduce testing time and costs for testing.

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