The world is changing. Almost faster than we can keep up. Natural disasters, political mistakes, and raging pandemics affect our lives in ways we couldn’t have foreseen. One of those big changes is not healthcare…

The world is changing. Almost faster than we can keep up. Natural disasters, political mistakes, and raging pandemics affect our lives in ways we couldn’t have foreseen. One of those big changes is not healthcare itself, but how we interact with healthcare. We used to only interact, for the most part, with medical professionals when we were sick. We interacted with our insurance company more, like when that payment came out every month.
We thought about the high cost of healthcare without considering the role insurance companies play. Our national discussion suggested the villains were doctors who charged too much. In reality, health insurers took our premiums and set the pay rate, without any input from the doctor. Rather than change that perception, insurers were more than willing to let doctors take the blame while they reaped incredible profits. Life is a circle, and this was our circle, until COVID-19 came along.
COVID has changed the national discussion. Healthcare now interacts with people on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, and we have gained a much greater respect for the medical community and all they do, especially in times like these.
Two years ago, 50% of US citizens had no contact with a medical person within the previous year. Today almost everyone interacts with a medical professional at least monthly. Two years ago, Facebook and Twitter had no real policy on medical information shared on their systems, today they have entire departments devoted to policing medical information. Two years ago, you did not need a medical document to travel or eat in a restaurant, today COVID has created a scenario in which non-medical employees are being asked to randomly determine a person’s state of health for entry.
An Opportunity to Change the System
Many of these recent changes to our normalcy have created confusion and chaos. Therein lies an opportunity to fix a very broken system and change the mindset of Americans. This has been the goal of countless wellness initiatives, all of whom have floundered because, quite honestly, Coca Cola’s marketing budget is 100 times more than, say, the Diabetes Foundation.
PROVEN was born in the midst of this chaos and confusion because we see a way out of it. A way back to peace of mind. COVID created much of the chaos discussed here. It has changed how we live, where we go and what we consider safe. We created PROVEN to offer you the opportunity to enjoy your life, safely and confidently. Businesses can feel safe bringing employees and customers back. Travel can return.
PROVEN recognized the need for a healthcare platform for everyone that combines both traditional data found in vaccination, immunization and medical databases, with practical, professional medical staff who understand that life is not binary, and that we need to learn to adapt to an everchanging world. It was built by listening and communicating with the people it was intended to serve.
The beauty of listening is that you learn something. PROVEN learned that not everyone is going to get vaccinated. Further, we realized that some people had very good reasons for making that choice. We also recognize that COVID is not the last pandemic to come along. These are issues and decisions that will have to be made again and again as future viruses appear.
The first step to creating peace of mind is to recognize that all Americans have the right to go on with their lives – to go to a restaurant, and to the movies. We also have the responsibility to help protect each other when we go out into the world.
The PROVEN Health Verification Tool Works for Everyone
Our health verification system can be easily used by anyone with a phone. It works for everyone regardless of vaccine status. It is private and allows you to keep your medical information to yourself. All anyone needs to know is that you are cleared for entry. PROVEN was determined to create a system that allows for traditional vaccine pathways AND offers alternatives like testing and current professional medical review for those who are not. So, no matter who you are, we can integrate you back into daily living.
We figured out how to run and manage our system for less than $20 a year. Then we figured out how to charge it without being a burden to anyone. Imagine that, less than $2 a month for peace of mind, a trustworthy, accurate system that allows you to get back to your life.
There are ways to cut through the confusion and chaos of a pandemic. We can all get back together again and move on with our lives. Safely. Together. Even in the middle of a pandemic.

Peter Gallic, President
PROVEN, the Universal COVID-19 Health Tool that works for everyone

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