PROVEN is the Seamless COVID-19 Testing Solution for International Travel and to Re-Enter the USA.

The most common question about traveling today is “Do I need a test and how much is that going to cost?” Most travelers have heard horror stories about costly tests and delayed travel.
As a travel agent you’ve heard about the anxiety travelers face when trying to find a testing center, risking that all the testing appointments are full, paying excessive testing fees $150-300 per test , missing their fights, and interrupting their vacation for hours just to get tested.
PROVEN eliminates those issues by giving customers an easy way to get tested in the comfort of their hotel room or on-the-go
We are offering an exclusive B2B travel agent rate for your clients.
Last year we helped over 4mm people get tested. It’s not a maybe, we are a Proven solution. Trust the testing experts. Give your clients PROVEN’s seamless COVID-19 testing solution for international travel and to re-enter the USA.
  • We proctor the travelers testing
    remotely on their device
  • We ship the FDA approved tests
    to travelers before they depart
  • We provide the online PROVEN
    Professional proctoring
  • We issue a travel certificate for
    airlines, hotels and customs

What Is PROVEN Proctoring?

Testing Proctors oversee each rapid
antigen self-test, certifes the results,
and is available to provide testing
instructions if needed.
PROVEN Proctors issue test verification
documents just like the on-site testing
at hotels, airports, and local test
PROVEN proctors monitor the test in
the convenience of the travelers hotel
room or on-the-go and results are
quickly available for travel.

How to Add Testing for Your Clients

Travel Agent adds
PROVEN’s travel
package to the
client’s booking

Traveler receives
the FDA approved
tests before
monitored test
from anywhere
Traveler sent
certificates accepted
by airlines, hotels
and customs
  • 1.
  • We proctor the travelers testing remotely
    on their device.
  • 2.
  • We ship the FDA approved tests to
    travelers before they depart.
  • 3.
  • We provide the online PROVEN Professional proctoring.
  • 4.
  • We issue a travel certifcate for airlines, hotels and customs
PROVEN provides FDA approved Rapid Antigen Test (Results in 15 minutes) for re-entry to the USA and PCR home collection kits (for use prior to leaving the USA with results in 24-48 hours).
We follow HIPAA protocols and are HITRUST certified to ensure personal health data is securely stored in the USA.
PROVEN’s certifed professionals understand the complex ever-changing rules regarding travel reentry
Grows your travel business by keeping your client’s trip moving wherever the fun takes them.
Tests are sent before departure
Tests are taken on trip
Take your test with a PROVEN Professional
Results sent to App via QR code and by email


By encouraging testing with PROVEN Pass for your clients you help ensure their trip is hassle free and provide a great value testing service that is convenient. PROVEN’s seamless testing solution allows your clients to test from the convenience of their hotel room and gives them more free time for excursions.


By encouraging testing with PROVEN you help save your clients money while
traveling abroad, and make sure they aren’t taken advantage of with excessive
testing fees at airports or other providers


Help clients reduce their exposure to fraud and anxiety. The tests they find in other countries may not be FDA approved or reliable. It is important to recommend using a qualifed U.S. based testing solution because it assures your clients that their tests will be accepted at the airport and delivered on time. Proven delivers your clients FDA approved tests weeks ahead of travel and they travel with them in their suitcase so they are with them for re-entry testing.


It is easy to offer to clients. When they travel with PROVEN Pass in hand, your clients reduce their exposure to fraud and anxiety. The tests they find in other countries may not be FDA approved or reliable. Proven delivers your clients FDA-approved tests weeks ahead and they bring them right along with them in their suitcase. They can be assured they will make the fight with Proven.


Exclusive travel agent B2B testing rate of $30 per traveler.

  • Testing Program Includes: Rapid Antigen testing kit, virtual proctoring and testing results certification letter.
  • We provide professional Online testing 7 days a week and travel verification documents on the same day.

Clients come to you for the advice that only a travel professional can provide.
Make their COVID-19 testing easy, convenient and the last thing they worry

Learn More About Adding Proven Travel Testing to your Client’s Trips


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