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What Is Included in the Kit?

  • Two rapid COVID-19 at-home tests
  • 1 Bottle of BioGlove Hand Protection
  • ProvenPass Membership

How The Home Test Works

1 Order your test kit before you travel
2 Register your kit in the Proven app
3 Use a test to confirm you are COVID-19 Free before travel (optional)
Pack your 2nd test in your suitcase and enjoy your trip
2-3 days before you go home to the United States sign into the PROVEN app from your hotel room and start your telehealth consult (if required by the country you are visiting)
4 Read and follow the "in box instructions" for the test, Most results are available in 15 minutes
Upload a picture of your test result in the PROVEN app
5 Recieve your travel documents and QR code directly in your app and via email within 24 hours. Easily show the app at the airport or print a copy at the hotel to take with you to the airport.

Home Test Guide

Know before you go: Don't Get Scammed by false test reports or extorted at the airport because you are not prepared with your testing documents when you travel. Criminals can take advantage of US citizens traveling abroad. In fact, some tourist around the globe have reported paying hundreds of dollars and in some cases getting back fake positive tests results, forcing them to stay longer than planned.

Daily Protection With BioGlove

BiOGLOVE Hand Sanitizer & Skin Protectant persistently kills 99.9% of common germs* that may cause illness or disease for up to 12 hours and 10 hand washings! (*germs => bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens)

  • Non-flammable and 100% Triclosan, Paraben, Sulfate and Alcohol-Free!
  • Contains soothing botanicals to help moisturize your hands and prevent dry, chapped, irritated skin.
  • A better value than alcohol-based hand sanitizers which evaporate and stop working seconds after application. One application of BiOGLOVE protects your hands from germs all day!
  • Environmentally friendly and responsible compared to single-use disposables gloves and wipes.
  • Convenient, personal size USB-rechargeable electrostatic atomizer and finger-pump sprayer types.
  • Face-recognition with mask, temperature-reading, AI Intelligence, Android OS, WiFi, automated and refillable floor-stand & wall-mount commercial dispenser options.


Joining PROVEN is easy, using PROVEN is even easier

PROVEN is so much more than a vaccine passport. PROVEN is the universal COVID-19 Health Tool that can be used by everyone – vaccinated or not – to show your current COVID status wherever you go… right from your phone. Easy, fast, convenient. No one needs to know if you’ve been vaccinated or not… they just need to know you’re safe to join the crowd. PROVEN is a unique digital tool that verifies everyone while keeping all of us safer as we roam the world… or just our own neighborhood. It is safe, secure and easy-to-use. Just as your life should be.




Create your profile
answer a few questions


Upload your vaccine certificate
test results


You are now free
to roam about the

Enjoy your visit to Mexico and safely take your COVID-19 test from your hotel room to ensure you have the proper documents before you head to the airport.

Travel Covid Kit

Official Health Partner of Visit Mexico